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     This business got its start as a simple wedding shower gift.  I attended the wedding shower of 2 of my former students from the youth group in which I  used to be a volunteer.  I had the idea of creating "emergency" wedding day kits for both the bride and groom.  I happened on some cute little white suitcase shaped gift boxes and thought it would make a nice presentation.  

     Well, the gift was a hit with the couple and the shower guests.  So much so, that I asked my daughter-in-law if she would help me set up an ETSY shop to try and sell them.  Thinking I would get maybe a couple orders a week, I launched my ETSY shop, Wright Custom Gifts.  

     Much to my surprise (and pretty much everyone else's) I have created a business out of a creative idea.  

I've been in business since June of 2021 and have enjoyed being a small part of over 700 weddings!! I'd love to be a part of yours or someone you know.  I put care into every kit I make, knowing how important all the little details are on such a big day.

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